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2009 Roncesvalles Area Yard Sale (RAYS) FAQs

What is the Roncesvalles Area Yard Sale (RAYS)?

It is a community event organized by the Roncesvalles-Macdonell Residents' Association in conjunction with the High Park Resident's Association and the Sunnyside Community Association. Residents in the Roncesvalles Village area are the primary vendors working on their front lawns, driveways and porches selling anything and everything. Collectively they make one giant sale/community-wide event attracting thousands of people to the neighbourhood.

What is the date for RAYS?

RAYS is taking place on Saturday, May 23rd, 2009 and runs from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The rain date for RAYS is Sunday, May 24th, 2009 (9am - 3pm). Cross your fingers we have good weather that weekend!

Who can participate in RAYS?

All residents in the Roncesvalles area (as outlined in the map on the poster to your left/above) can sell their stuff from the comfort of their front yards, lawns or driveways/garages.

Specifically, the boundaries are as follows:

Dundas Street West to the NORTH*
Lansdowne Avenue to the EAST

Queen Street West to the SOUTH
Parkside Drive to the WEST

*please note that the "Ritchie Triangle" (which is comprised of Herman Ave.; Golden Ave.; Silver Ave.; Morrow Ave; and Ritchie Avenue) is eligible for participation in RAYS

If you live in this area, you should definitely participate! The success of RAYS depends on community-wide participation!

How do I register as a RAYS participant/seller?

Please send an email to Chris at ronces.yardsale AT with your name and address of your yardsale.

Why should I register as a RAYS participant/seller?

Because the success of RAYS depends on it! This year, the organizers of RAYS have decided to improve the efficiency of the RAYS experience by providing a map of all RAYS yardsales to people coming to experience RAYS on May 23. This way, people will know EXACTLY where to go and can plan out their routes in order to go to as many yard sales as possible!

Where is Roncesvalles?

The Roncesvalles area is a multi-community comprised of three neighbourhoods (i.e., Roncesvalles, Sunnyside and High Park) that are connected by Roncesvalles Avenue east of High Park in the city of Toronto.

How do I get to Roncesvalles?


Exit at “Dundas West” station. Walk south from station on Dundas St. West or take the 504 streetcar and get off anywhere on Roncesvalles Avenue.


501 (Queen Car) – Take the 501 going west. Exit at Roncesvalles/Queen, walk north on Roncesvalles Avenue

504 (King Car) – Take the 504 going west. Exit anywhere on Roncesvalles Avenue

505 (Dundas St. West Car) – Take the 505 going west.

506 (College Car) – Take 506 going west

Can I set up a table on the sidewalk in front of my apartment building/house?

No. Vending on public property such as sidewalks, boulevards and roads is illegal without a permit and you may be ticketed by a Toronto by-law officer.

What are some tips for a successful garage sale?

Set up early so that you are prepared for those early birds! Price all your items, either individually or in groups (e.g., books 25 cents). Display items on tables or in boxes according to type and/or price. Have a cash box or change apron with lots of coins for change. In the case of large items that can’t be carried away, an impromptu sales receipt can be drawn up with a deposit and an exchange of telephone numbers to hold the item until the traffic has dwindled and you can return with a vehicle to pick up your treasure.

What about parking?

Parking is limited at the best of times! We encourage you to walk, ride your bike or take the TTC for best access. If you must drive, kindly park your car and walk in the neighbourhood rather than cruising in your car to reduce congestion/pollution. The amount of pedestrian traffic makes driving dangerous for everyone.

Are there any designated “no parking zones”?

All the usual parking rules are in effect. Please check the posting of parking signs and ensure that you are not blocking a fire hydrant or driveway.

Are there ATM machines nearby?

Yes. The following banks have ATMs on Roncesvalles Avenue:

  • TD Canada Trust (corner of Marmaduke Street)

  • Scotia Bank (corner of High Park Avenue)

  • Royal Bank (corner of Fern Avenue)

  • CIBC (corner of High Park Avenue)

How can I reduce my environmental impact?

Vendors - please place a garbage can by the curb for litter. With the large crowds this event may attract, there can be a large amount of litter produced. At the end of the day, clean up around your property and ensure you don’t leave debris on the street. Shoppers - please hold on to your litter until you see a garbage can and then stash the trash.

What is the connection to the Wabash Community Centre/Sorauren Park Fieldhouse?

Plans and dreams for the Wabash Community Centre go back to at least the late 1980s, when the successful fight to create Sorauren Park began.

Long recognized as being underserved by recreational facilities compared to other areas of the city, and to other cities, a new recreational centre was envisioned for the derelict land adjacent to Sorauren Park. The site contains an old linseed oil factory, built in 1915, and a smaller office building about the size of a house.

In 2003, the city commissioned a feasibility study to prepare scenarios and determine if a new community centre could re-use the existing old factory on the site. The study concluded the building was structurally sound (solid concrete) and could be creatively renovated into a community centre.

To speed up the development of the site and to help raise funds, the community formed the non-profit Wabash Building Society in 2006. The WBS is currently focused on a small-scale renovation of the smaller building on the site to meet some immediate park needs, such as washrooms. (For example, more than 700 children are enrolled in Sorauren Park soccer and baseball programs, serviced only by two porta-potties that are taken away once the season ends.) The smaller building will also serve as a meeting space and headquarters for the development of the community centre.

There is still much work to be done in order to fully realize the vision of a fully functional community centre for residents in the Roncesvalles area! Your generous support will help realize this vision!

How do I donate to the Wasbash Community Centre/Sorauren Park Fieldhouse?

Cheques can be mailed or dropped off to:

Wabash Building Society
c/o 101 Fermanagh Avenue
Toronto, ON M6R 1M1

RAYS buyers and sellers - have fun on May 23rd! And don’t forget to share your luck with The Wabash Community Centre/Sorauren Park Fieldhouse!

If you have any questions that have not been addressed in this FAQ, please send an email to Chris at ronces.yardsale AT

Chris Lobo, Chief Organizer for the 2nd Annual Roncesvalles Area Yard Sale (RAYS)

Brought to you by:

Roncesvalles-Macdonell Resident's Association in conjunction with:

High Park Resident's Association

Sunnyside Community Association

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